Thursday, November 29, 2012

From my heart.....

Dear Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in Paradise:

Four short years ago I was honored to be chosen by this great club to serve as your President. During the past few years it has been my privilege to develop friendships with so many of you that will last a lifetime. We have laughed together, cried together and made the world a better place... together.

As we all have learned, life is an unpredictable journey and sometimes we run into certain road blocks and are forced to choose another path.   I greatly appreciate that you - the members of The Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in Paradise - were gracious and willing to allow me to have another term as your Skipper.

Unfortunately my life’s journey has done just that - taken me in another direction - and for some personal issues that have come up in the last few weeks I have had to make a very difficult decision.   Effective immediately, I have tendered my resignation as your President - your Skipper.

My faithful First Mate, Dorothy, will take over the reins as President of this PHantastic club.  Your Board has approved Bill Connolly (and he has agreed to serve as) Interim First Mate.   I ask that each of you give them both the same respect and support that you have devoted to me over the past four years.  I know that you will.

Again thank you with all of my being for allowing me to be your Skipper!   You will always have my heart.

Sailing on!

Skipper Bryan